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Shoot From the Hips and the Perfect Fit

So I started shooting from the hips now. I still can’t get the composition perfect for my past shots but this is a start. I am using the QL19 for street photography now.

Any tips on how I could really improve my hip shots would really be great! So, hit the comments!

Canon QL19, Kodak ProImage 100, Aperture: 5.6, Shutter Speed 1/15


Nuke some 35mm film!

Canon QL19. Expired 400 iso Fuji Xtra. Long Exposure

Lost in Translation in EDSA

I was experimenting with the QL 19 and found out that the film would still be exposed at f/1.9 even at 500th of a second shutter speed.

This is the typical EDSA bus. A sign only our oriental neighbors can understand.

Glimpse of Paradise