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Signs of Symptoms, Symptoms of Signs (of the Road and Time)

Though they never use a single verbal word; A thousand and one messages have been found. Take your time walking by the road. Take your time to feel there messages.

And then they spoke.  We hear.

Tune of Life

Singing to the tune of life.

He sings and he sings.

I don’t know his name. He is nameless and so is his music.

I wish I will know the voice beneath the enigma

Pinhole Results

I had the results of the pinhole project. The first time I did this whole pinhole thing,  my receiving spool (Another blank film canister) was exposed (thus all of the shots were destroyed). So what did I do? I tried it the second time around. This time, I constructed a new pinhole free from light leaks, with a film with lower ISO rating and a more durable receiving spool. But what happened was another disaster. It’s really hard to tell how long should you open the “shutter” (electrical tape). All of the photos were either ghostly or exposed.

Oh well. I’ll think about doing it again next time.

Pinhole Camera!



Under Construction: Pinhole Camera

I started showing interest on building my own Pinhole camera the other day. I was amazed with the sample photos posted in Flickr and other sites in the world wide web. My creation is still under construction and I still have to by a film. The Film you see is actually just the take up spool. I started to darken the inside of the match box to avoid any reflection. I won’t take my chance on having my film exposed. It is also preferable to guard the spots where light leaks might occur outside the body of the camera. I put electrical tapes around the take up spool so as to avoid damage to the film. Tomorrow, hopefully I place a piece of metal with a little hole in it. I’ll post the outcome of this project in the days to come.

Lomo Series: People and Smiles