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The Last Roll For Canon AE-1 Program

My Canon Ae1-Program already gave up. This is the reason I used the Canon QL19 for the past days. I recently bought a Nikon F2 that reminded me of T-800 in The Terminator. Barely having a decent face, it works good with a 1.4 50mm lens. I hope that I could use it in the coming days. For now, I will be planning to take a trip headed North and maybe rejuvenate the film stash that has been drained by the last months.

It was really a long way since I decided not to sell the Canon AE-1 Program from the usual line up of then functional Hidalgo Online. But now it has a new owner and I was informed that it was fixed in Quiapo by our most trusted Oca. Come to think of it, it was the same Canon AE-1 Program that started our business and even up to an extent, a photographer’s friendship with Oca . I usually have Dong to fix my camera in Quiapo in the past. But knowing how Oca can give you a good run for your money when it comes to repair, I need not to find another technician. My and my University buddies are now heading straight to him.

Oca fixed the Canon AE-1 Program’s   light meter roughly two months before heading to Pulag. It was more than a year since we had that trip and the Canon AE-1 Program didn’t fail me in the meter department at all since then. But this time around it was the gear that was involved. The part that gave up was the one that cranks the roll into the next frame. Living up to it’s repair shop’s name Shurdun! You can really be sure with your camera with this guy.

I no longer wanted to have it repaired for an P800 price considering the battery is now becoming steep! So I had no choice but to bid it goodbye. I sold it to Clark together with the multiplier, battery pack and the 1.4 50mm lens. Though I really remember him getting trouble with its focus after having the gear replaced; this camera is such a treat. It’s history runs from an old photographer who finally decided to sell some of his stuffs to a hustling hobbyist (which is me).

For now, it’s going to be the Nikon F2 aka T-800 Terminator or the 40 year old but still dependable Canon QL 19. As a memento, the photos are some of the Canon Ae-1 Program’s  last roll in my hands.

To my surprise, some of the last shots of the camera came from my grand father’s tool shed. It was where some of the most basic and complex repairs needed in our household was done. It also involved some repairs done for the past and present car. The irony that it is complete with a collection of tools amounting to 50 years, no one inside the house has any knowledge to crack the Canon Ae-1 Program puzzle and fix it.


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  1. these photos have an ominous quality

    August 15, 2011 at 3:57 pm

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