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When Plans Go Shitty

Canon QL19, Neopan 400, 5.6 Aperture, 250 shutter speed

If you believe in dreams and you stick to them with every ditch of your effort, I really can’t blame you if you end up frustrated and drained half way. For years, I really dreamed to be part of the Medical Profession, making my four years in premed, taking a BSN degree and then pursuing Medicine right after the four years. Well that was the plan. If you ever believe in the adage: “Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan”, it should have said: “Plan Your Work (If you have money), Work Your Plan (If you have money)”

Most kids these days are programmed to enter College and end up getting a lucrative profession (at least for Philippine, third world country standards) outside the country. Most Some people would work their asses off from the very first time they conquered separation anxiety in elementary school to the time they already conquered awkward years in high school only to find out right after college that the real world really don’t think highly of accolades like: upper 10% rank on your high school batch, member of the chess team, highest pitch award in a singing contest, fastest lunch eater, longest nail in the class, etc.

When it comes to the real world, you are simply a statistic waiting and falling in line.

There needs something to be done in the high school and over all curriculum of the whole school system for both public and private schools in order to at least change the mindset of individuals when it comes to life after school. If there is something I learned after College that I wished I learned a decade back; it is the need for a long term, mid term and short term goal. Not to mention the fact you always need a plan B, plan C and don’t go for broke on something that could go 50/50 along the way.

Before anything else, Nursing is a noble profession and a very good premed degree. The bastardization of this profession however started long before when I started to enter college. When everyone was caught in the fad of going to the profession that would serve as their one way ticket out of the shit hole; not only did it attract thousands, it attracted hoards of hopeless to hopefuls to hope-FOOLs to enter the field without thinking of the possible repercussions or the responsibilities that come with it.

If there is any logic that justifies the fees you pay for just to have “training” and “hospital experience” while you shove the possibility of being hired as a chance to win the lottery or the chance to have an alien abduction or a meet and greet with La Chupacabra; something has to be checked inside your cranium.

Something really went wrong with finances that I somehow couldn’t continue to go to med school right after the completion of my Nursing Bachelor’s Degree. And when you have no other choice but to practice, you really wished you knew sooner that shitty things come with fad degrees. Fad degrees generate money tons of money for Universities and flyby night schools. And when these hot pancakes go stale, thousands of monkeys are left searching and left with no options.

Presently, I write since I really don’t want to accept the fact that you have to work not just for free but for a fee. I don’t have the talent in speaking with different hot headed people just to earn some cash so that really disqualifies me from being a sales representative. I also want to make a comeback that would really hurt the nine to five’s ass balls. But I want to make my plans to be something personal and far from the touch of cyberworld press release just like this. If I want to make this work, I’m roughly 30 days shy from my 23rd birthday, so I really have to sprint in the next years to come.


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