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Japanese Superhero Outfit

200 iso Fuji Xtra, AE-1 Program, 1.4, 1/30

It wasn’t a nice day for photography when I took these photos. Most of the shots I produced were either out of focused, over/under exposed. I guess, this is a lesson for me not to use 200 iso film in an indoor sport unless there’s a really good lighting!

Getting inside the dojo was one of my joys during my days at the university. Though trainings usually run from 6pm-8pm and I’ll still need to have a two hour commute to reach home plus the fact that my class starts at 7 in the morning; it was still all worth it.

Nowadays, I don’t usually do much Judo but I am already training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at New Breed Academy if not twice, thrice a week. With the schedule that I have now, I really hope I could still roll more than just three times a week. I’m really starting to get serious with this sport. Though I am not really expecting a blue belt thrown to me anytime soon; I really don’t care much since I’m not after the rank but for the discipline, the skill and the overall transformation that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can potentially do to me.

The cut for a Jiu Jitsu gi is different from that of Judo. The Judo gi is a bit more baggy with a quite a violent surface that usually cuts my finger’s skin more easily especially if I’m trying to stop an arm bar or any submissions.

I just bought my first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi online. I heard great reviews over the summer weave Fuji gi. The things that I like about it is the fact that it’s cheap yet it is well matched with the other brands of gi like Keiko, Vulkan and Ouano which are more expensive than the gi that I just bought.

I still haven’t received the gi yet. What I did was to have it shipped to a friend in Ottawa before having it delivered to my door to get away from the unreasonably priced tax here in the Philippines. If I’m going to get my gi shipped directly from the states and into the country, the $95 for your gi (excluding the fee for shipping) will be jacked up by as much as P4,000 (roughly around $93) for taxes! If you are caught unaware of this devious scheme and you happen to failed to claim your package within 3 days, expect a penalty of God knows how much!


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