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Growing up is Overrated

Earlier tonight, I saw someone who posted the graduation of this year’s batch in my chosen overpopulated degree. Then, after the feature of smiles and optimism of the graduates, what better way to end it with the reality check of graduates turning into grad-“waits” as massive unemployment is rampant nowadays. Well, it may have existed way way before but what the heck I just turned 20, its only as of late that I feel how sorry it is to grow up in this freakin time.

Reality check, life sucks.

Since graduating from high school, I learned a couple of tricks in life. That growing up is so overrated. There’s one point in my life that I felt I could be able to live, breathe, walk and talk on my own terms. There was this notion at the back of my head that  all I need is a dream to believe in and work it. I thought that there is such a thing as always expecting the ideal. I thought (and still kept on thinking ) of becoming a doctor one day. But then waky, waky..There’s a dream and there’s what you call reality. Well, kudos to my fighting spirit cause I’m still squirming baby! Let the song from Chumbawamba ring back  and forth on my Cranium. “I got knocked down, but I get up again.. You’ll never gonna keep me down”. The difference today is that I’m having more doubts than assurances on becoming the what I dreamed of. Blame it on the cost of studying that is just way way way out of our financial league. And the sad part is, I’m turning more grumpy than happy about it every single day.

It is now clear what money can and can’t buy.

It is so funny how they have kids to answer the question, “What do you wanna be when you grow up?”. Majority of them will tell you.. I want to be this, I want to be that… all of it full of optimism.. Sometimes being young is such a gift. Not a single kid will tell you, I want to pickup phonecalls  for the rest of my life and answer irate strangers with there problems that I couldn’t care less about. They don’t have that, and that is the greatest part of being young.

It is like the Matrix. The blue or the red pill? It gives you the sense of illusion that you are ok and you are excused since you are still a kid. Just like any other commodity that we buy, being a kid also has its own clock. It’s ticking since the day of conception. And when it is all over, its too late because you realized that what you were told when you were young are filled with more bull than you could ever imagine. This time around, time to take the red pill.

Ok, I think I’m quite done with my episode of ramblings tonight. I’m hitting the bed.


3 responses

  1. sarimau

    in your words, i think, you’ve experience enough and know the life and even the other side of its coin..

    may you give such an advice towards life?

    i may consider myself included to the people with great optimism but i have also worries and maybe fear of what will happen next to my life..

    in what you have said about dream and reality, i think, the best thing you can do to make these two things synonymous to each other is to remember it, don’t take the dream out of your mind..maybe, even if in the end, you will not succeed to make these two things the same as they may be, you will learn from it and from this, maybe, contetntment follows..^_^

    growing up is also a labyrinthine thing to think of..^_^

    thanks for the lesson..^_^

    April 13, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    • unidentifiedwalkingobject

      No problem. Just my two cents about life and that. You just can’t get everything right?

      April 13, 2009 at 2:57 pm

  2. sarimau

    yup..sometimes, i just can’t make the things right..

    hmm, i don’t know how to get out from it..

    i don’t know what’s the problem with myself..

    hehe..but im getting used to it..^_^

    April 14, 2009 at 7:27 am

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