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My Take as a Fight Fan.

There are a lot of megabouts both coming from the world of Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing. As some fans are very much into either one of the two. Well, for me, I appreciate both sports at its finest. I don’t downplay boxing as dudes wearing those big puffy gloves or MMA being a sport where guys look like humping each other on the ground. There may be some weaknesses and strengths for both sports but I like them both anyways.

In MMA, I’m very much looking forward for the Shogun-Chuck fight. Both of the men are on need of a victory which spice things up a little bit more. Chuck is coming from a loss from Rashad Evans while Shogun Rua is coming from a lackluster victory over Coleman which exposed his lack of cardio.

It’s obvious that since the Liddel-Rampage fight, it’s been pretty much shaky for The Iceman. Shogun on the other hand haven’t proven anything yet on UFC since he was greeted by a rear naked choke courtesy of Forrest Griffen. The difference however is it looks to me that Shogun is the hungrier fighter as he trains with guys like Damian Maia. As a fight fan, I’m hoping to see the Shogun of PRIDE. Though it is a close match to call, my money is on Rua.

Moving along on the world of the boxing, there are a lot of talks going on with the Pacquiao-Hatton fight scheduled for May 2. There are the media yadah yadah that wants a piece of the pie on who should have the right to broadcast the fight in the Philippines, and as a Manny fight; it is inevitable that controversy and all those stuff surround the preparation of the big night.

This thing right here is simple. You have a guy who loves to wing his punches at you walking at straight lines. He has a new trainer who claims to reinvent a brawler but as far as the past fights are concerned specially with Lazcano and Magic Man; nothing is new. Yah, Reality sucks, Floyd Sr. doesn’t teach shit to The Hitman. While Pacman may not be the finest of boxers, but he developed well in the past years that he may well be the winner in that fight.


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