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Laughing Shoes

It took me quite a while to post here again.. Well, there are some new things since I posted my last entry here..I’m officially a fat guy when 2008 ended. And since then, when January hit it’s mark of 2009 I was already hitting the gym to condition myself and to change the way I look and most importantly, the way my body perform.

I was running earlier today, when I felt like shitting. It was a toss up either to sacrifice my mileage and shit at home or suck it up and run and hit the bathroom when the road work is all done. So I chose the latter. I easily reached my destination and now it’s time for me to head back home. The problem now is that my shoes were ripped off for some strange reason. By a damn chance, my shoes were already smiling or better yet laughing its ass off in front of me while I’m trying not to shit my pants.The bike people were already smiling by the looks of  a laughing  shoe. I’m trying not to shit on myself, my shoe is already laughing and it kept me slower on my pace.

So, it was when I decided not to see the laughing mug of my shoes anymore. So I removed it completely so I could walk home. That’s when I hastened my way home to have a shitty good time.


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