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Blah-Blahs As of Late

As of late, I’ve been savoring (and tasting) over these beautiful cameras.Most of them, unfortunately just spend a little time in my closet and they go pooof. Well, I have to let go of them since I’ve been selling SLRs and different lenses over the past weeks. I’m trying to do this not really for the profit. Well, that is a lie. Let me rephrase it, I am doing this for the profit so I can have my QL19’s light meter fixed, so I could buy myself a couple of black and white films, have some spare moola to go to the gym and hone my punching kicking mechanics and lastly to have some spare change to spend a date with Claire. I really love taking photographs. I just feel that I am at peace whenever I do this hobby of mine. For now, please do buy SLR’s from me.

And also, I am currently being knock down by colds with accompanied cough. I find it irritating just to bum around the house doing absolutely nothing except staring at the tube and surfing the infinite possibilities of the world wide web.


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