.. And The Infinite Taste for Travel and Infantile Adventures


I think Claire and I should write a book about dating, staying fit, and doing it all against all odds of economic crisis (yeah take that Gloria, Bush and all the superpowers). We decided to go to China town since Claire haven’t gone to China Town here in the Philippines. If only she knew how to translate “tawad naman” in mandarin we could have gone farther. hehe

We ate heavy noodles from a Chinese restaurant and it was way heavy for the tummy. After some Photo-ops, we went to Intramuros. We learned that Rizal can do a long jump after an ordinary walk. Try it yourself, look at his foot steps.

After a ton of walking and walking and walking, and a whole lot of picture taking we decided to call it a day.


One response

  1. alasais

    ang ganda naman ng araw niyo. sana magkaroon din ako ng oras para pumunta sa chinatown. anything about chinatown, at hindi pag-uusapan ang trabaho.


    October 22, 2008 at 2:27 pm

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