.. And The Infinite Taste for Travel and Infantile Adventures

After Sunset

The night consumed the bright of day. From the city stretches, light resigned slowly to where we were standing. And it happened. Only the lights of the cars and jeepneys below illuminate any visible figure. Slowly, the neon lights started to dance in my vision. With no prism to provide functional eyesight, only decent enough figures of the billboard’s silhouettes in the night danced in my periphery.

Then, a stand still. An echoing silence of words rang across the far stretched blurry vision. reality quickly struck at my floating consciousness. From the cosmic galaxies of reflections, I suddenly realized: “I am with her”. On top of a bridge, a bridge wretchedly mixed with steel and queer colored pink; (I can’t believe) we are actually together.

“The day is already done” she said, as an attempt to cut the dead air. I glanced back and nod together with a smile. “Everything seems so fast nowadays, it’s as if its just morning.. come to think of it we spent it together”, trying to segment a fruitful conversation. “Right. Absolutely right.”.


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