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Ka Bel

I only had the chance to attend to the burial of Ka Bel last Wednesday. The past few days, I was literally running out of funds. Even muggers refuse to mug me nowadays. In short, I had nothing even for travel expense.

Ka Bel lived to prove that there exist a type of public servant truthful to his title.

Everywhere the funeral march went, people raised their fists. Some are even chanting “Ituloy ang Laban” (Continue the struggle). I only saw him give a speech once (Majority of the time I spent in organizations was the same time he was being harassed by the government). It was in front of the House of Representatives. It was the time when Arroyo people tried to bribe him to support an impeachment complaint with a very weak substance. He came out and lambasted the Arroyo regime for its desperate attempts to stay in power. Ka Bel really gave detailed speeches. Everything will be discussed blow by blow.

Now that he is gone, he reminded us of the kind of leadership that is loyal to the working class and for the Filipino people. Just like in a movie line, “If I was asked how he died, I will tell you how he lived”.

Ituloy ang Laban.


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