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Mug me. Mug me.

Today is enrollment day. End of days for the bums. I woke up 4:30 in the morning to get a dose of breakfast and to get to the university as early as possible. I typically don’t have the patience to stand in line and observe bastards cutting the line. What I thought of a glorious no-bastard-cutting-the-f####in-line day, turned to be a disastrous shitty day.

Attire: Be in Uniform with ID to enroll…… and to invite muggers outside the campus.

PS: Cops are useless.

My Mom told me I go ahead and fix the papers and she’ll see me in the university in a little while. So, here I go, buena mano for kuya jeepney driver for its really early in the morning. I was his first passenger. I sit my fine ass in the front seat to avoid sleeping. I handed him my twenty peso bill for the fair. He didn’t have any change so he bought a newspaper to have some coins. After passing by Morayta, another passenger came and sit beside me. I only noticed one passenger and that’s the one beside me but all of a sudden I realized he has a partner in crime at the back of the jeep. He showed me his knife and told me “Alam mo na” (You know what to do). I also felt someone holding me by my shoulder. That was the time I noticed I was surrounded by muggers in broad daylight with a helpless driver on my right left. The one at the back even gave me this look

——-> ( . ) (. ) …..What a stare. Makes you wanna laugh. (If you laugh you will die though)

I conditioned myself already what to do. I will give them my cellphone and head back to where my Mom is. I’ll just talk to the drivers so I can ride for free.

Here goes nothing. “Ito o'” (Here) handing him my phone. To my surprise, this mugger actually reacted “Labas mo na yung maganda. Wala na bang maganda?” (Give me a newer one. Don’t you have another one?). I suddenly realized that he refused to mug me because my phone looks like a war phone from Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo etc etc… I was surprised that this guy is actually expecting me for a damn new phone.. He searched my pocket for money and he got my wallet containing 100 pesos. He and his skinny staredown master partner went off the jeep telling me “Wag ka na lang maingay ah” (Don’t tell anyone bout this ok?)..

I was surprised that even with a knife sticking on his side, I didn’t panic nor did it cause me to be rattled. I was composed even after the incident to tell my Mom and Dad and my girlfriend that I was mugged but ok. I also told them that they refused to take my phone.

I really didn’t feel any resentment against the dynamic duo of Espana.. I actually felt betrayed by policy of having to wear my uniform on the day of enrollment. Its purpose was to keep us identified within the campus. It is quite effective within their premises I suppose. But I still do think it was quite insensitive of them to make us wear such an inviting dress code.


It could have been an ID reader on the different gates. Or even a request on the typically couch potato policemen to increase police visibility within the U-Belt area.

I know that these are just suggestions and palliatives. To answer the question of why should a person even resort to stealing, that’s another topic of discussion and rambling….but hey just my two cents.

Those choosy lumpen proletariats



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  1. i just dont get it why people wants conformity so much that they invented uniform!!! does it make us good students, workers, whatevs if we wear one? haven’t they heard about self expression? wla lng, napadaan lng.haha

    July 29, 2008 at 2:20 pm

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